Rawah Assisted In Regrowth by Coalition

New Assistance From Coalition And American Citizen Groups The coalition has worked very hard to provide support and education for the ISF forces, but they have been working to help provide in other ways, also. They have recently delivered over 700 pairs of prescription eyeglasses, provided by the local residents in several towns in Colorado. With the assistance of these eyeglasses, many of the Iraqi citizens in the village of Rawah will be able to see a little clearer, as well as having a relationship fostered with people several thousand miles away. “The quality of life for these citizens has been boosted by the contribution of the American Colorado citizens, these Iraqi people could not otherwise afford eyeglasses without the help,” said Navy Lieutenant Malcolm Brown. Lieutenant Brown is the Navy surgeon attached to the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, and Regimental Combat Team 5. Many of the citizens in the area have narrowly avoided harm in the past, they have been in at times harrowing, and sometimes life threatening situations because they simply have poor eyesight, and could not read warning signs. At other times they wandered into a life-threatening situation due to their poor eyesight. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Now, with the new eyeglasses, it will be a community that has not only improved vision, but an improved quality of life. Many of the citizens that otherwise could not read or participate in different life activities now have the ability to do so.




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