Tarmiyah Leaders Stand Against Extremists

Coalition Aids ISF Security Forces With Support One of the nicest surprises that has greeted the Coalition in recent months is the resounding support that members of the Iraqi Community, and the Iraqi Government has had against insurgents, terrorists and extremists. As the coalition has worked to turn over the security for Iraqi province by province to the ISF the largest surprise has been the change in the reaction of the citizens, and the government. In the early days of the War on Terror, the reaction to the insurgents was often lukewarm, and when the coalition took a stand often it was to less than enthusiastic responses from citizens and the government. All that has changed, in many areas, especially in the Tarmiyah region. As the nation of Iraq has been freed from insurgency, the nation as a whole has began to take pride in itself. This has led to a big turn around in attitude. A large group of sheiks, Iraqi Security Force leaders, and members of the community as well at government officials went public recently in Tarmiyah at Bukhari Hall. It was one of the first public affirmations against the forces of Al Qaeda, and would have been unthinkable as short as a year ago. The meeting was held to stand up against a recent Al Qaeda attack, in which five people including a MNF soldier, women, and children died. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! “Al Qaeda has tried to terrorize the local population and they just are not going to take it anymore,” said Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Boccardi.




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