Humanitarian Aid Given To Sha ab Citizens

Soldiers From Coalition Aid Iraqi Security Forces Some of the most rewarding service that the Coalition is able to help out with is the ability to provide sorely needed supplies, and medical screenings for villagers that have no other source of supplies or medical care. This is humanitarian aid that is well received and helps build bridges between the Coalition and the Iraqi public. Literally hundreds of the residents of the Sha ab neighborhood of Adhamiyah in northern Baghdad endured the summertime heat to come to a facility where a medical screening was being held. Supplies and aid packages supplied by the Coalition were distributed by the Iraqi Security Forces, who acted as security and overwatch for the event. Doctors and medical personnel worked to examine and treat the residents, and many of the residents and citizens brought their families, and children to make sure that they were checked out before the start of school in Iraq this fall. “This is our third time to get help and medicine at a screening, and we are very happy to have the chance to come here,” said Sha ab resident Sabiha Al Aabi Rathel, a woman who had her three children with her. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Many of the residents received preventative medical attention, or treatment for skin rashes, or other minor issues. Overall the health of the residents in the area has gradually improved as they have had access to health support from the coalition, and occasional health screenings.




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