Internment Facility Assists Reintegration

Iraq Security And Economy Aided By Returning Citizens One of the key elements to rebuilding and healing Iraq is the bringing back into the fold of society those members who have violated the law, or acted out and been arrested for whatever reason, and interned in confinement facilities. Many members of Iraq citizens have been tricked into participating with insurgents, or have accepted money to support their families but broken the rule of law, or for whatever reason taken up arms against the Iraqi Government, or the Coalition. When captured, depending on the severity of their offense, they are lodged in one of the several treatment and confinement facilities around Iraq, operated by the Coalition. These are facilities where they are kept safe, but where they cannot do any harm against the Iraqi people, the Iraqi Government, or the Coalition. One of the goals and firm things that the Iraqi government and the coalition is working toward is helping these people turn their lives around, and to re enter Iraqi society. Reintegration is not just a goal, it is a necessary part of having Iraq truly be independent and healthy. The Coalition operates a joint effort with the Iraqi Government, the Iraqi Theater Internment and Reconciliation Center In Taji. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. This is the place where detainees are assisted with basic education, counseling, and given the means and motivation to give up their old ways and re enter society.




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