US Navy JAG Enlisted Careers

The United States Navy provides legal Services for its Servicemembers, both enlisted and commissioned. Whether it is to provide individual legal services such as writing a will, drawing a power of attorney, or examining legal contracts, or services involving prosecution or defense against legal criminal charges, the Judge Advocate General Office is the field that assists Servicemembers with their legal concerns. Working in this office as a US Navy LegalMan is a specialist position that works to supplement and support the work of the JAG lawyers.

What It Takes For The JAG Corp?

Serving in a US Navy JAG office as a LegalMan is a specialty that deals with all different ranks of Navy Servicemembers. Good speaking skills, excellent hearing and attention to detail, and the ability to type are highly desired for this field. A Navy Legal Specialist works with reports and official correspondence, and work independently often with little or no supervision. You work to file briefs by direction, to do legal research, and to perform a variety of legal tasks in support of the work of the Navy Lawyers. A legalman keeps track of records, works to file and monitor official publications, and deals with office protocol and managing office functions.

Members of the US Navy JAG Legalman specialty work with personnel of all different levels, and all different ranks. Rank is not important when it comes to giving support and assistance, and JAG legalman specialists routinely assist anyone in the Navy, from a seaman recruit to an Admiral, and they use their training and skills to help countless numbers of sailors in the fleet. You will have the opportunity to practice in classroom settings as well as mock courtrooms and other training facilities. Many JAG legalmen gather valuable experience working for several years as a Legalman specialist, and then work to earn a commission and go to law school and become a commissioned Navy JAG Lawyer. A Navy Legal specialist or legalman works with Commissioned JAG officers, and other legal staff working in issues of law and legal affairs.

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Training for the position of JAG legalman begins with 8 weeks of Navy Boot camp, and you learn the different ways that serving in the US Navy benefit you. After boot camp, you will attend individual advanced training and be shown different administrative, legal and record keeping procedures.




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I got discharged from R.T.C Great Lakes, Illinois. On, August 22, 1986 during boot camp. The board gave me a JGA discharge code and a RE-4 re-enlistment code. What kind of discharge is this? I have read on the INTERNET that a RE-4 discharge is bad. A RE-4 discharge is considered a felony conviction in the civilian sector. Is this true? Your answer is greatly appreciated. Thank you and respectfully yours, Romeo Vargas

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A RE4 discharge can be for a number of reasons so it’s hard to say what it’s parallel to in the civilian sector, but it is a disqualification from reenlistment that cannot be waived.

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What kind of discharge is a JGA?

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What is a JGA discharge? Your, answer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and respectfully yours Romeo Vargas.

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