Submarine US Navy Enlisted Careers

The Silent Service of the United States Submarine Service is a military career that bears a proud and distinguished tradition. The United States Submarine service provides one of the best physical deterrents in the US arsenal, because once they head to sea they cannot be plotted, and their exact location is unknown. The United States Submarine Force uses stealth, intelligence information, and reconnaissance, as well as heavy surveillance. It is a service with a great deal of strength and discipline, and it is a job for the ambitious and hard working. There are a wide variety of submarine enlisted Servicemember jobs available. If you desire to be part of a proud tradition you could well suited to become part of the Submarine Service of the United States. The Submarines of the United States perform the single best deterrent that the United States has in its nuclear arsenal. These subs work together in their individual missions to patrol and monitor the world’s oceans. They keep tabs on enemy forces, and intercepting electronic communications. Being a member of a Submariner crew you will be responsible to assist in keeping the submarine on task and on mission, including keeping it at maximum readiness. As a Submarine Enlisted person, you are responsible for learning ALL of the major systems on board the ship. This is different from many US Navy vessels, but being underwater, each of the enlisted Servicemembers need to know the different functions. Each qualified US Navy Submarine enlisted Servicemember can perform firefighting, work in navigation, deal with flooding, and perform a number of different processes and procedures that is vital to know. As an enlisted crewman on a United States Submarine you will be a member of a select and elite unit, a member of a close-knit crew that will go to sea for six months at a time. The standard for submarine crewmembers is very high, and most crewmembers are required to have a security clearance of Secret or greater. You will have opportunities to deal with state of the art technology and skills, as well as qualifying for a special rate of pay because of the conditions and unique situation of service. Submarine enlisted personnel operate, manage and utilize the U.S. Navy fleet of guided missile, ballistic, and attack submarines. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The US Submarine Fleet are undetectable, and they run quietly, silently, and are very fearsome to contemplate. They can travel anywhere around the globe, and are able to bring a huge amount of weapons to bear in a very short time offshore of almost any region in the world.




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