First Sergeant Army Education Program

The US Army has one of the best supportive training programs in military training in the world. Service in the Army allows a person to eventually qualify for the ability to compete for the rank of First Sergeant. The Army has a new active duty-training component for first time personnel candidates for First Sergeant. It is a new active duty course that will be held at Fort Bliss, Texas. The new training course is one that has been specifically updated and expanded, and designed to centralize training for Army First Sergeants held at the Sergeant Major Academy at the Army base in Fort Bliss, Texas. The Academy First Sergeants course will be required for all soldiers except those rare soldiers that have a waiver from the First General in the soldier’s chain of command. Soldiers who are serving for short terms or short amounts of time can have the course requirements waived if it’s considered in the best interest of the Army. There are situations that involve a candidate being promoted because of the needs of the Army to First Sergeant that has not attended the course. The new academy First Sergeants course is a bit different from past courses as it reflects the rank structure and different changes in Army authority in the modern world. It is a course for candidates that they will take prior to beginning their Army First Sergeant duties. The Army First Sergeant is leaned on heavily by Army Commanders for their line experience and wisdom, and it is the first sergeant that provides instruction for new and inexperienced junior personnel. The New Course is to centralize training and is called simply the Army First Sergeants course. The soldiers who are scheduled to attend the First Sergeants course will be identified by a skill identifier qualification symbol, an “M” that will be worn on the uniform. In the Army the First Sergeant provide needed leadership and structure for the unit level, and they also provide a vital link in the competition of the Army Unit. The new course is intended for all First Sergeant Candidates in both the continental United States as well as overseas command locations. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The course is part of a new welcome addition to the training and current specialist courses that personnel for the position of First Sergeant go through. Candidates will be required to take the course within the first 6 months of being promoted to 1st Sergeant.




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Just wondering when this course will begin at Fort Bliss? Thanks in advance!

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