Army Enlisted Criminal Investigator

One of the most advanced police services in the Military is the US Army Criminal Investigations specialist. The enlisted CID Officer is a special investigative agent that is utilized by the Army to investigate crime, and works to find the people who commit crime and bring them to justice. The Army has their own law enforcement branch, and their CID officers and law enforcement personnel are highly trained in law enforcement and security. Serving in the US Army as a CID Investigator will give you training and knowledge of drug investigation techniques and techniques in drugs, economics, and physical evidence gathering. Working in the Army as a Criminal Investigative Detective gives you jurisdiction over any offense that deals with Defense, Army, or Armed Forces personnel, or that occurs on any Department of Defense or Army facility. You are the person that works to liaison with different other police agencies, members of the public, and Servicemembers as you pursue criminals and solve criminal cases. You will be challenged both mentally and physically, and you will receive state of the art training. This is a criminal investigative specialty that gets down and dirty, it is not for shrinking violets or people that are not willing to get their hands dirty. You will investigate crimes and offenses on Army Facilities and involving Army personnel located at bases and facilities around the world. You have to be prepared to deal with any crimes that are committed. The Army Criminal Investigation Division deals with any crime involving Army personnel or crimes that are committed on Army property. As you rise in rank you will be responsible to supervise and help train junior members of your Criminal enforcement team, and more junior enlisted personnel than yourself. You will begin by attending 9 weeks of US Army Basic combat training where you will learn about how to become an Army enlisted Servicemember. Then individual training at a 15-week course of study that is based on criminal investigative service skills. You will be taught state of the Art police procedures and investigative techniques, both in simulated field training and in the classroom. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Army Criminal Investigation Special Agents are responsible for conducting and supervising various investigations of incidents or offenses involving Army personnel. If you have an interest in crime prevention and law enforcement, and the ability to remain calm under pressure then this may be the job for you.




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To whom it may concern, I’m a 26 year old femail, who is currently going through a terrible divorce.. Ive always wanted to join the airforce, And study criminal justice.. This has been a life long dream of mine, because i come from a line of a family that has been in the military.. I have nothing to lose, i want a better and different life for myself and start a new..

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