Correctional Enlisted Marine Corps Jobs

One of the most intense jobs in an era of the War on Terror is the US Marine Corps Corrections and Internment specialist. It is a job specialty that provides supervision and security at literally hundreds of facilities located all around the world. A Marine Corps Corrections office works to maintain order and discipline at military prisons, correctional facilities, and internment facilities including facilities located in Afghanistan and Iraq. They work to maintain correctional and military police security, and they support commanders in the field by helping to uphold and enforce the law. The Corrections and enlisted internment specialist is a position with a great deal of responsibility and operations control. The Military correctional Marine Corps specialist provides 24-hour supervision, security and control. Members in this specialty have a difficult and challenging job, but it is one that is literally vital to the health welfare and safety of soldiers, troops and citizens in the areas where facilities are located. As part of the military police MOS you will work to deal with different correctional issues and prison facility issues as they arise. Some correctional specialists in the U.S. Marine Corps work in prisons and military jails, and work to deal with personnel who have been convicted of a criminal offense by a court or court martial. The Marine Corps gives some of the most intensive and skilled training available anywhere in the field of Corrections and Internment support and correctional operations. One of the other duties that Marine Corps Correctional specialists work to provide support is in the pursuit of military deserters and Servicemembers that decide to go AWOL. This is not always as rewarding, having to pursue Servicemember brethren that flee rather than serve their enlistment, but it is a necessary job that must be done. Working in this job specialty, you will prevent crime and work to suppress security threats, and eliminate and reduce threats against military personnel. You will work as part of the military MOS military police to prevent disturbances. It is not a job for anyone; it takes a steely determination and a special breed of person to perform well in the specialty of US Marine Corps Correctional Officer and Internment specialist. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! You will work to give support in crime prevention, and to suppress uprisings and security threats. Many Navy brigs and jails are staffed by Marine Corps Correctional officers that work to give intensive and trained facility support.




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