Navy Surface Warfare Enlisted Specialist

The United States Navy maintains a vast fleet of surface vessels that work to transport, maintain and operate the different missions of the United States Navy. Working as a specialist in the Navy in the Surface Warfare area you will work in support of vast amounts of equipment, and thousands of lives. Your job will take you to the far corners of the world and give you a lot of experience and insight that will serve you well long after your Navy Surface Warfare career is over. A Navy Surface Warfare Specialist is a gateway to becoming a commissioned Surface Warfare Officer. To be a Surface Warfare Officer in the Navy you have to be a commissioned officer, but serving in this area as an enlisted person can give you a great deal of experience that will serve you well if you later earn a commission and become a surface warfare officer. A commissioned Surface Warfare Officer is responsible for operating vast weapons and equipment systems, both underway and in port. During a tour of duty at sea, a Surface Warfare officer may be assigned to be officer in charge of any number of different activities and shipboard operations. There are several ways to earn a commission in the US Navy service. You can attend the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, or you can enter the Navy through the ROTC programs offered at colleges around the country. You can attend OCS after earning a Bachelors degree, or become a commissioned officer in a couple of other programs. As an Officer on a Surface Warfare ship in the United States Navy can be responsible for huge amounts of equipment, and hundreds of lives. If you are a person who works well under stress, and is up for a challenge, perhaps someday you will be at the helm of a ship in the fleet, as a Surface Warfare Naval Officer. Surface Warfare Navy Officers are in depth involved in every single aspect of Navy missions. The Surface Warfare officer deals with some of the most tactical and technically advanced vessels in the Air, and Beneath the Sea. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The United States Navy has a lot of resources and assets located around the world, and they have a lot of different types of aircraft, vehicles, equipment and vessels. The US Naval main thrust, the true mainstay for the United States Navy is their surface fleet, the cruisers, destroyers, frigates, small boats, and aircraft Carrier vessels.




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