Army National Guard Education Benefits

The United States Army National Guard has exploded over the last two decades. The number of Reservists, and National Guard members has grown exponentially and the Guard and Reserves are now a main force serving on active duty in the War on Terror and other military missions around the world. The members of the National Guard and Active Duty Army, as well as the Army Reserves are eligible to participate in the assistance and benefits programs that are available from the US Army Educational Service Centers. There are 127 different Army learning centers and 110 different Education centers worldwide. These are service support education centers that are maintained by National Guard and Army Personnel to provide relevant services to Servicemembers. The programs that are sponsored by the Army Educational Services program are in place to help support the Servicemember’s and their efforts to get an education. One of the benefits of Army educational services is the transcript program. These are transcripts, which can be used to apply for and receive college credit; the transcripts are a means to evaluate the soldier’s achievements. The Army maintains and supports transcripts for each of its soldiers, and these transcripts provide a written history of their training, their education, and their military experiences. There is also testing programs available for credit by examination, and college level equivalency examinations. The transcript program outlines their duty stations, special skills, and many other specific circumstances that the Army or National Guardsman has achieved while in the military. Using their transcripts, the Servicemember can use the information and it can be presented when applying to a vocational or technical school, or even to a university or college in some cases for evaluation for academic credit. There is no cost for the Servicemember for their transcript for any soldier that entered the military service after 1981. There is also support for Army National Guard and Army personnel who are seeking distance learning education support. Army National Guard and Army Servicemembers are eligible for up to $2,000 dollars per year of financial tuition assistance. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. There is support for up to 75 percent of tuition costs for distance learning, again not to exceed the $2,000 dollar yearly cap. Most states individually offer State funded National Guard Servicemember course financial support, which sometimes coupled with the National DANTES support can actually exceed 100 percent of funding.




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