Army Warrant Officer Careers

There is a job specialty in the US Military that is situated somewhere between the enlisted ranks and the commissioned officer ranks. It is the job specialty of the US Army Chief Warrant Officer, and it is the specialty expert job career in the US Army. They are the go to soldiers, that lead as officers but who are below the rank of Commissioned officers. The first level of warrant officer, WO1, Warrant Officer, is not a commissioned rank, but the other levels of Warrant officer are commissioned warrant officers. It’s a bit complicated, but it’s a rank and rate structure in the US Army with a long history and successful tradition. Responsibilities of a Chief Warrant Officer and service in the US Army as a Chief Warrant Officer involves working on technical matters and subjects, growing into a technical expert in the area of expertise that you are chosen to serve in. Service in the US Army as a Warrant Officer is a job that will engage and test your skills, in whatever specialty that you choose to serve in. Many Chief Warrant Officers in the Army serve as maintenance technicians, crew chiefs, or pilots, and they are considered the Army “Technical experts,” who lead from the position of experience and expertise. The different types of job duties in the Warrant Officer job may involve controlling and commanding combined armed forces operations and combat at the unit level. Leaders are trained, created from strong materials, they are made, not born. You will lead by example, and learn to lead from the front. Your ability to evaluate situations and judge them, and to make trained educated decisions will assist you in your training and progression to becoming a full-fledged Warrant or Chief Warrant Officer. To apply to be a warrant officer the first step is to attend the Officer Candidate school for warrant officers. It is a school that lasts for six weeks, to see if you would be a good candidate for Army Warrant officer. The Army Chief Warrant officer career had five rank levels, the Highest is Chief Warrant Officer Five, Or CWO5, with the levels of Chief Warrant officer declining Four, Three, Two, and Warrant Officer, or CWO4, CW03, CWO2, and WO1, Warrant Officer is the first level, or W01. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. To be a successful Warrant Officer in the Army you have to have intelligence, confidence, initiative, self discipline and a number of different skill sets, all of which the Army will assist you in your training to receive. You will receive training and commanding vessels, activities and detachments of various size, and counseling and training soldiers on various areas of their specific technical specialty.




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I have prior service at a MP and got out at the rank of E5. I’m interested in possibly rejoining, full time or reserve, and am interested in becoming a WO. I am trying to get as much information as possible in regards to the requirements and how to get started. The above is my private e-mail and my home phone is (512)312-9845.
Thank you for your time information.

Lando Hall

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