DAU Flexible Military Education Options

Choosing to join the United States Army as an enlisted person is a smart and highly challenging course. Many people are encouraged by their enlisted status when they discover all the different education programs that exist that Servicemembers have available to them. There are particular programs available that are very much directed at educational success for the Servicemember. One program that will assist many Servicemembers is the |Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Flexible Education Program, and it may well be just right for you. The Defense Acquisition University can assist in getting practical Army experience qualified for college credit, and help with matching up practical Army experiences with actual college credit. This is an Army sponsored flexible study program designed to help match Army personnel with educational objectives, through a strategic agreement and partnership. This is a basic agreement that all current, former and future DAU students will be able to work in the program to earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates at one of the sponsoring educational institutions. At the graduate level things are stricter, but it is still possible to transfer up to six credit of practical Army educational experience toward a graduate level degree. There are some special programs for graduate level credit that sometimes will accept more credits, but they are very restricted and difficult to get into. Much of this program is available through distance learning, both using correspondence courses and over the Internet. The Army Flexible Education program is a strategic partnership that certifies that the degrees offered and certificates granted by the program will meet basic mandatory guidelines for educational standards in a large number of career fields and vocational careers. In addition the program has partnered with a number of institutions including the University of Maryland, and Maryland University College, as well as a number of other facilities and locations. At the level of Undergraduate, students can transfer up to half of the credits needed for a particular certificate or up to 90 semester hours toward a specific undergraduate degree or bachelors degree. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The Army Flexible Education Program is one option to check out what is available, and to even start to attend classes over the Internet before you leave the military. The program assists in offering programs for: undergraduate degrees, undergraduate certificates, graduate degrees and graduate certificates.




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