Military Navy Firefighter Careers

Every single member of the United States Navy and Coast Guard learn how to fight fire. There is a reason for this, if you are on board ship, and fire breaks out, you fight fire or else you face no where to flee. The Navy has learned from past emergency experiences that every single Servicemember has to be able to fight fire, and you are taught how in respective Navy and Coast Guard boot camps. But there is a specialty that deals exclusively with Emergency Firefighting, and that career is the US Navy Emergency Firefighting specialty. Working as a Navy Emergency Services Firefighter is a mission oriented, very fast paced occupation. You may be called upon to fight fire one moment, and then provide one of these other duties at the same time, or nearly the same time. The people who choose firefighting as their rating have a special kind of courage, the kind of courage that comes from expert training and firefighting skills. Individuals who choose this rating or billet are trained to respond to the unexpected, to expect the unusual. Sailors or Airmen in this field can be pressed into service or assigned for duty literally anywhere that the United States Navy serves. You will be taught damage control, basic and advanced firefighting techniques, and use of emergency equipment. Fighting fire when afloat is very serious, you cannot walk away from the fire, you either put it out or you sink. Everyone that goes through Navy boot camp is taught basic firefighting as part of their basic Navy indoctrination. But US Navy Firefighters are taught advanced skill, and they are the people that are turned to in an emergency. Sailors and Airmen that choose this field are taught that when accidents happen, they have the training to respond immediately to help. Navy Get your free career info here Firefighters are given some of the best training available in the world, able to fight fire on board ships, submarines, on shore, as part of a Special Operations unit, or as a member of an Air Squadron. Emergency Firefighter in the Navy is one of the more dangerous career choices, but one that has a lot of excitement too. As a Navy Emergency Firefighter crewmember, you may be called upon to engage in shipboard damage control, to help in rescue operations, or provide emergency medical care.




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