Government Of Iraq Given Support Aid

Coalition Gives Support To Sheiks And Local Government The coalition has worked to train the members of the Iraqi Security Forces, and the training has been paying off in a number of ways. In addition to creating a trained and professional force where there was previously a disorganized and corrupt police organization, the Coalition has earned the respect and cooperation of the local Iraqi Government, Sheiks and citizens. Recently, the Sheik of Al Jesaishi tribe spoke out publicly with his support of the Iraqi National Government, the ISF forces, and also his support of Coalition soldiers and troops in the region. In a recent speech to his tribal members, the Sheik talked about the success of efforts to reclaim Iraq, and spoke eloquently about “Iraq for the Iraqi people.” “We support the ISF soldiers, our Iraqi police officers, and the government, we are proud that we have never had any attacks against our Iraq government here in our village,” said the Sheik. The support of the local Sheiks and local Iraqi Citizens has been crucial to the recent stages of security, and it has assisted the ISF forces in keeping control of the nation and the national security more than any other single element or action. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. After delivering his speech, the Sheik and his supporters helped hand out more than 100 boxes of bottle water, food and supplies to villagers.




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