Humvee Vehicles Issued To Iraqi Soldiers

ISF Forces Receive Humvee’s To Use On Security Patrols The Coalition forces have been receiving new vehicles and MRAP V hulled security vehicles. As they are able to upgrade their equipment, they do no longer need their heavily armed but slightly obsolete Humvee vehicles. Most of the Humvee vehicles are less than two years old, and as the Coalition forces upgrade their vehicles then it allows the old vehicles and humvee vehicles to be made available for the Iraqi Army. The Vehicles are given a mechanical check up, and then are being re furbished as needed and handed over to different units in the Iraqi Security Forces. Both the Iraqi Army and units in the Iraqi National police are benefiting from the used Humwee vehicles. The first set of these vehicles was given to the Iraqi forces in March of this year, and are proving a huge upgrade for the Iraqi Security Forces. With the new vehicles, and their training that they have received from the Coalition, the Iraqi Security forces have been transformed into a new, professional security force that shows promise to be able to take care of their own security. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Each of the units that receive the used Humvee vehicles are able to immediately put them to use, for patrol, and transportation in areas that are difficult to travel safely without some type of armored vehicle.




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