Army Marksman EST 2000 Program

For many years the Army has a marksmanship system called the Weaponeer. It was useful and helped train generations of Army riflemen, but it began to be obsolete. It served for over 30 years proudly, but finally was retired after a long and proud period of service. The new weapons education system is called the EST 2000, and it replaces the Weaponeer rifle system. The first soldiers to use the new system were the 58th Infantry Regiment and it was a success. The new system is one that helps reveal the areas that a prospective solder needs to improve on in their rifle skills. The Army teaches basic warrior tasks, including Marksmanship, and any program that can help increase Army marksmanship is seen as a vast aid during the current situation in the world. There are specific mental steps to make sure that proper squad marksmanship and rifle training is being observed, and the EST 2000 promises to make instruction and training in these concepts easier to teach and easier for the soldiers to learn. The new EST 2000 looks to try and solve some of these shortfall areas, and to work closely with human instructors to correct any marksmanship problems that recruits and trainees using the new system exhibit. It is being used to train the next generation of soldiers, and hopefully can maintain the high standards of Army Marksmanship. The old system, the Weaponeer was successful but there were different areas that didn’t seem to be addressed by the Weaponeer. The overall setup of basic rifle marksmanship has not changed since the Weaponeer system was first implemented in the time around 1973. The new EST 2000 has big shoes to fill, but so far seems to be doing excellent. As soldier’s progresses and masters the concepts that the EST 2000 helps instruct in basic rifle marksmanship, then the overall use of the EST 2000 can be adapted to help teach tactics for rifle squad training. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The EST 2000 system is seen as a big improvement in basic rifle marksmanship, the first large leap forward since the 1970’s. Usage of the EST 2000 system is an attempt to bring marksmanship in the Army into the 21st century. Soldiers can use the new system to address shortfalls in their marksmanship and become better and more accurate riflemen.




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The EST 2000 really helped when establishing good BRM at Ft. Sill, OK.

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I have worked with the EST 2000, and think it is good for helping soldiers. But wanted to know if the EST 2000 system can put in place a better reaction mode phase to the system. Something that will help soldier that have to react to things say more live time?

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