Army Human Intelligence Asset Jobs

One of the areas that the United States Military excels in is the position of human asset intelligence. The Army Intelligence Human resource specialist is the person that is expert in collecting and gathering different types of intelligence from a wide variety of sources. It is a mission that deals with working both in the open and undercover, learning to blend in to native populations and groups, gathering human information and intelligence from different sources. Human intelligence is key to being able to perform a wide variety of Army missions. It is key to knowing what the next steps are in any campaign or mission, and being able to judge the effectiveness and success of Army missions. This career field is well suited to train a person toward work with the CIA and FBI federal agencies after leaving the Army. Army Intelligence Collectors work to collect information on the capabilities of the enemy. Human intelligence is very important to providing Army personnel with information to make sure of the success and safety of the Army mission. HUMINT training lasts for 18 weeks, and involves advanced classroom training as well as field training in different intelligence gathering techniques. The Army Human Intelligence Specialist is an expert in gathering and collecting intelligence from a variety of sources. Some of the processes and procedures that you will participate in include: preparing charts and maps, conducting screenings, foreign language instruction or refresher course work, usage of advanced computer systems, interrogations and team debriefings, source management operations and conducting analysis of HUMINT information. Human Intelligence specialist uses a variety of methods and operatives to assess and gather different information support and pursuit of a successful Army operation or mission. Duties of a Army Human Intelligence enlisted specialist can include; screening the legitimacy of human intelligence documents and sources, using different confidential informant and human intelligence assets to gain information, conducting interrogations and debriefings in foreign languages and English, and editing and preparing administrative and human intelligence reports. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! After basic training you will work in individual advanced training learning the Human intelligence collection set of skills that you will use in the field. You may be tasked to work undercover in a war zone dealing with foreign populations and using all the methods available to collect, process and pass along vital information.




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