A Career As A Navy Intelligence Specialist

The US Navy has a variety of different Intelligence positions that serve the many missions that the Navy engages in. The Intelligence enlisted specialist is the Servicemember that is tasked with gathering electronic and other data information.

Think You’re Smart Enough?

It is the job of the Navy enlisted Intelligence specialist to collect, process and direct information to commanders, military leaders. You will handle information that is classified, and even in some cases top-secret information for use in the defense of the United States. Working as a Navy Intelligence Specialist you will be required to gather and compile raw information and data, and turn it into intelligence and vital information that can be accessed and used by Commanders and military leaders.

A Secret Life. Can You Do It?

Serving as a US Naval Intelligence specialist is an enlisted specialty that you are not able to discuss. Even to members of your own family you will likely tell them that you are engaged in a different military job, as your participation and dealing with intelligence and threats can make your life a security risk. For this reason members of the US Navy Intelligence specialty work often in relative obscurity to safeguard both themselves, as well as other people. From helping to track inbound surface and radar threats, to decoding and coding information, classified data, and other classified materials, the job of an Intelligence Specialist is never dull. Working in this field is not for everyone; it takes a high degree of maturity and responsibility in dealing with classified and highly technical types of equipment. Part of the type of duty that a Navy Intelligence Specialist deals with is dealing with secure and highly classified material. As a part of your job duties, you will operate some of the most advanced electronic equipment in the world. Working as a Navy Enlisted Intelligence Specialist will give you the training to work in any number of electronics fields after your military employment. The electronic gear is truly state of the art, and consists of many different types of equipment, such as IFF (Identification – Friend or Foe) systems.

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They are literally the information experts for the US Navy. You should have never been arrested or convicted of a crime; even a misdemeanor is enough to cause you to fail a background check for a security clearance. This job classification almost always requires a secure and top-secret security clearance, and because of this you have to have a spotless record.




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military dot image Joy    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Hi i would like to know more about this job and was wondering if you could possibly email me?
First question i have is this: what would i need to score on the ASVAB to be considered for this job? and my parents are not US citizens. They have a green card. Would this affect my chances of getting the Intelligence job?

military dot image jaguerrero96    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

For question 3: New regulations allow for children of non-citizens, like me, to obtain the necessary clearance to qualify for this MOS (job). The waiver depends on the country of origin of your parents: Mexico was approved for me, but Armenia was not for the person that was interviewing me for qualification, and wanted to apply herself. When I initially asked, though, I was told by both my recruiter and the MOS placement specialist that it was not possible for me to qualify for IS (because of my parents’ non-citizen status), so I had to find the paragraph on their website that said I could, myself. I don’t remember where I found it, sorry, but if your parents are Mexican, like mine, don’t let them tell you no.

military dot image Russ    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I’m looking into this rating. I have a niece who’s father is a Mexican national will this keep me from getting cleared?

Also what do IS members do aboard ship when they are not engaged in IS duty?

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