Educational Benefits Available For Veterans

There are several programs available for Veterans that want to get ahead and further their education.  Most people are aware of the Montgomery GI bill, which benefits both active duty and reserves in different ways.  But there are other programs that are lesser known but that also provide valuable financial incentives and lucrative opportunities for Veterans. For Veterans that decide to go back to school at least three quarter time, at a college, university or professional/vocational program there is a program called the VA work-study allowance.  This is a fund made available through your school financial aid office to work while going to school, with your wages being paid by the VA.  To determine your eligibility for the program you have to file for formal benefits. This VA work-study program is available to a variety of persons.  The VA will select qualified applicants for the work-study program based on several factors.  Veterans that have service-connected disabilities will be given the highest priority, but other factors also influence the decision of the VA to award funds.  The wages that you earn will be equal or above the federal or state minimum wage in your area, whichever is greater.  If you are currently in a work-study program and what the VA pays is more than you are currently earning, then you can sometimes collect the difference. There is also a program called VUB, or veterans upward bound program. This is a free U.S. Department of education program created to help you gain skills and confidence to go back to school and earn a college degree.  Services eligible Veterans can receive under the VUB program include personal academic counseling, various basic and advanced academic skills programs, Academic assistance in applying for financial aid, career counseling, and various other programs. The VUB academic program for veterans can help a Veteran returning from duty re enter civilian life too.   The Veteran Upward bound program also helps a veteran to become exposed to cultural activities and events, academic programs, even one on one tutoring and other educational activities. To be eligible for the VUB program you have to be a Veteran of 180 days or more of active duty service, have served after January 1955, meet the definition of low income according to US Department of Agriculture guidelines, and to have been separated with conditions other than dishonorable.  Sometimes there is in addition a county or other resident location stipulation.




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