XRay And Radiology Army Careers

Working as a specialist X-Ray and radiology US Army Technician is a career that will make you part of the Army medical community. You will participate in support and assisting in the health care of Army personnel and their families. You deal with helping both Army personnel and other military Servicemembers, and their dependants in taking X-Rays and radiological assessments as directed by doctors, surgeons and others that require information to make an accurate diagnosis. As a radiological operator you will be responsible for developing radiographic film, both in automatic processing and modern digital equipment. If you enjoy working with people, and are good with detailed work, you may be well suited for this job. The specialist in Xray technology and Radiology is responsible primarily for operating portable and fixed radiology equipment, as well as overseeing and supervising a number of activities in the Radiological field. Working as a US Army X-Ray technician you will assemble materials, instruments and Xray equipment, interpreting, reading and examining physician orders and radiographic requests. You are an important member of the Army health care team, and you use radiological technology and X Ray equipment to help uncover and diagnose diseases and injuries. You will work to rout patients to various administrative areas, and being responsible for dissembling and assembling shelters and radiological equipment. You are a health care professional that assists doctors in detecting injuries, breaks, tears or bone and tissue damage, as well as a number of illnesses. After your initial boot camp experience you will attend individual advance training for 46 weeks. This is almost a year of intense training where you will study and learn with radiological equipment. Serving in the specialty of Radiology and Xray in the Army is a challenging but enjoyable career path. It is a health care job that allows you to come into contact with a great number of different people. You will work with different patients in a clinical setting and be trained in radiographic examination techniques dealing with the lower and upper extremities, skull, trunk, and vertebral column. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You will apply electric, mechanical and radiation protective measures; maintain daily log books and ledgers. You will work to perform Radiology and X Ray tasks, and have many different types of duties, and these duties include escorting and transporting patients to and from radiology areas, preparing adjusting and taking X-Rays.




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i have a very good experience in radiography (19 Years) and devoted my life. I am seeking employment in the field of radiology / sonography with dedication and honesty my added qualification. If there is room pls. intimate me

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