Navy Educational Enlisted Programs

There are a number of voluntary US Navy enlisted education support programs. These are programs that aid enlisted Servicemembers in gaining an advantage in obtaining a university or college education, or to earn advancement in the Armed Forces in one manner or another. The different programs that the Navy offers are voluntary but several of them are very lucrative and make getting a college or university education a lot more accessible. There are programs that are part of the 5-vector career development model. The following programs are part of the five different education support programs that the Navy features: the Navy Advanced Education Voucher initiative, Tuition Assistance, Servicemember Opportunity Colleges (SOCNAV), Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Grants, and Seaman to Admiral enlisted to commissioned officer program. Seaman to Admiral- It supports the Medical Enlisted Commissioning program, the Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program, and the Enlisted Commissioning Program. This program allows you to earn a commission as a US Navy officer, or US Marine Corps officer. This is a program where enlisted Servicemembers are accepted into a program that pays for all their schooling, while they attend college to earn a degree and a commission as a Navy Officer. NCPACE- This program is a college list of 16 different facilities that offer flexible training and timing of education, and gives priority for Servicemembers that have to serve irregularly on Active Duty. It is the Navy College at sea program, and these colleges and schools offer undergraduate and graduate programs, and are all regionally accredited schools. Navy Tuition Assistance- Each of the 5 Armed Forces offers active duty tuition assistance for those who are serving on Active Duty. It has a limit of 250 dollars per credit hour, and pays for up to 12 credits per term. It also will pay for any fees or costs that are mandatory or required within certain limits, in this case the Navy will sometimes agree to pay for those fees too. Navy Marine Corps Relief Society- The Marine and Navy Relief society provides grants, funding and interest free loans for Servicemembers that want to participate in different college programs. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. SOCNAV- This is a program called the Servicemember Opportunity College program for the Navy, and it is those schools, universities and colleges that participate in the Naval SOCNAV program. They support masters, bachelor, and associate degree programs for Navy Personnel. They accept credits from all other SOCNAV schools, and many of them are available by distance learning or Internet Accessible.




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