Air Force Enlisted Turboprop Specialist

The challenge of serving in the Air Force as an Enlisted Turboprop specialist is a job that is rewarding as well as being versatile. It is a position that is one of the most technologically challenging career paths in the modern military. You will be tasked to deal with turbo propeller aviation equipment, regular propeller aircraft, and in some cases support for mechanical operations on some types of jet aircraft, in a minor role. You will be an active member of the elite aviation support division of the air force, and receive training that is state of the art, and be trained in the most advanced types of turbo propeller aircraft and propulsion. This is one of the most advanced aviation type jobs available in the US military. Working on precision systems you will be responsible for dealing with step by step types of sub system service and removal. You will be assigned to a repair squadron, and work on aviation aircraft that is assigned to your unit. As an aviation maintenance person and repair specialist you will serve to work on a wide variety of different elements and systems that are found and featured on the aircraft in the United States Air Force. You will be shown and instructed in parts replacement. You will learn basic engine theory and flight aviation procedures, as well as learning about advanced mechanical and turbo propeller theory. You will work to assemble, modify, repair and install engines, transmissions, fuselages, and other systems found on turbo propeller driven aircraft, aviation equipment, and a number of different airframes. You will also be shown how to deal with types of aircraft and aircraft parts identification and classification. You will be shown and instructed how to break these types of systems down for service, and how to troubleshoot systems when one has a problem or a malfunction. After you graduate from training school you will be assigned to a squadron where you will work with and report to older more experienced flight mechanics, and continue your training. This is a job specialty that has available vocational training experience, you are able to gain civilian credit from your training and duty performance for use later as a civilian employed aviation repair specialist. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! This is a job requiring work and repair mainly with propeller and turbo propeller driving aviation equipment, and the maintenance and support of such aircraft.




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