Transportation US Army Careers

The US Army maintains a motor pool force of over 50,000 vehicles and it is the US Army transportation and motor pool specialist that deals with all of these different vehicles. The career choice to be a US Army transportation operator is one that can take you anywhere that the US Army is stationed around the world. The job requires working with every different type of Army vehicle from passenger cars and buses, sedans, to large transports, heavy troop equipment, and even in some situations 18 wheel semi tractor trailer vehicles. This is the US Army specialty that is literally is charged with driving anything that the Army has in its motor pool. You will learn routine things such as tire and oil pressures, routine and scheduled maintenance procedures. It is the duty of Army Transport Motor transport operator to work in driving passenger vehicles, fuel trucks, water trucks, and other vehicles that are used in support of the Army mission. You will learn International Rules of the road and how laws for vehicles differ in foreign nations. It is a career field that has a lot of variation and involves transporting and transportation services on support operations, peacetime and battlefield operations. The transportation of goods, personnel and material in the Army is the field of the Army Transportation motor pool operator. Part of your instruction will be in the classroom and part will be in simulated combat and battlefield conditions. You will start your Army Career with basic combat training for a period of 9 weeks. You will have different responsibilities working to read load plans, keep detailed records of vehicles. The career of the Army Transportation motor pool operator is to supervise and operate different types of wheeled vehicles to transport supplies, personnel and cargo, in addition to other transportation needs. You will work to help participate in convoy operations, and different combat vehicle delivery operations, and driving and operating vehicles over all different types of surfaces and conditions. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. You will take part in training that may take place in the field, and as you finish your training you will be assigned to an actual Army Motor Transportation unit. You will receive safety instruction and learn how to prevent accidents as well as other basic vehicle care and maintenance. You will then progress to learning how to deal with convoy operations and how to participate in an Army team that delivers materials in war and combat battlefield conditions.




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