Anbar Justice Center On Old Saddam Site

Former Saddam Hussein Location Features New Justice Center There is a new construction project at the Anbar Judicial Complex that has recently been completed. It is a $21.5 million dollar construction project that has constructed on the former Saddam Hussein family palace. The new legal and police judicial complex has been built on the site where one of the opulent Saddam palaces once stood, which is a fitting recycling of resources considering the changes that are taking place in Iraq. As a method of acknowledging how much the security has improved, the members of the local police force and legal Iraq community have worked very hard to build upon the rule of law that has been assisted by members of the coalition. The coalition has worked to help train lawyers, judges and other members of the legal community, so that as the coalition withdraws and steps back from Iraq, that the country is able to maintain and keep democratic ideals and laws in place. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. The Anbar Judicial Complex is being viewed by members of the Iraqi community as a beacon, a symbol of how much things have changed and are continuing to change for the better. Two of the palaces that formerly were on the site have been transformed to 1,000 square meter courthouses, and the transition will be complete by the end of October, 2008.




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