US Soldiers Give Facelift To Shulla Area

Baghdad Neighborhood Receives Reconstruction One of the last areas in Baghdad to receive aid and rebuilding is the Shulla Region. The coalition has worked with the Government of Iraq and identified multiple projects in the Shulla district for rebuilding. It is being undertaken to improve the quality of life, and to make essential services better in the whole Shulla area. The coalition is currently working on a large trench and road rebuilding to complete a series of repairs on a sewage project. The road itself along the sewage project is getting a much needed facelift. Members of the 101st Airborne MNF Baghdad have been working along with Iraqi contractors that they hired and vetted, to complete the different projects that when done will make Shulla one of the more improved areas in Baghdad. The marketplace and sewage repair and reconstruction project will serve to improve different essential services, and help to make the community more attractive to new businesses, as well as helping the economics of the region improve. Members of the government of Iraq had requested that the coalition soldiers assist in the sewer project, and that gradually was expanded to include a number of other projects including the road reconstruction. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The Shulla area marketplace is also scheduled to receive different reconstruction efforts that are scheduled to be completed by the first of the year. As the different projects are completed it is believed that investment and economic opportunities will increase, giving more options for the citizens and businesses located in Iraq.




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