Abrams Enlisted Armor Support Specialist

The Army maintains the most advanced tank and armor force in the world. Military hardware such as Army Tanks and pieces of Armor equipment are used in the modern military. They are key to many of the US Army’s missions, and serve as the motorized linchpin to many of the different support and battle missions that the Army has. The US Army enlisted Armor support mechanic and specialist is the person that helps keep the Army tank force functioning. The Army tank and its accompanying equipment is a vital piece of modern warfare that is being used on the front lines in the War on Terror. Part of the responsibility for the Armor and Tank specialist is to learn and become trained members of the Tank crew, in addition to other systems found on the different Armor pieces. The systems and equipment used by the Army vary a great deal, from large ballistic missiles to field artillery, to small arms, and even to the Armor and Tank battalions. Training begins with nine weeks of basic combat training, and then sixteen weeks is spent at the Army advanced Tank and Armor training school. As they are trained and become crewmembers, they assume different functions in keeping the tanks operational. These are each different types of battlefield weapons and they all have different targeting and aiming systems. Working in this area is a highly rewarding and fast paced job, one that requires a high level of dedication and training. The job of the United States Army Maintainer is to care and maintain the tank and armor equipment. Dealing with the US Army Tank and Armor equipment is a vital job, one that maintains the operations and military readiness of different US Army units. The M1-Abrams tank is one of the most basic Army arsenal Armor pieces of equipment, and it is the job of the Army Tank and Armor specialist to keep the Abrams and other tank armor in running and top operational condition. Some of these duties include diagnosing and troubleshooting different systems and Armor malfunctions, repair of fire suppression, maintaining fire systems, hydraulic systems and steering and maneuvering systems, major disassembly and diagnosis repair, including turret controls and fire control systems, and overall keeping it in operational readiness and able to perform its assigned missions. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! As you advance in the enlisted ranks, you will have the opportunity to teach, train and supervise other soldiers. The Abrams system Tank Armor specialist in particular has a host of duties to perform.




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