US Soldiers Aid Riyadh Civil Service

New Job Opportunities Available Via Civil Service Corps One of the signs of a healthy society is having an active competitive Civil Service system, to compete for society civil service positions. The region of Riyadh has been aided by the coalition in setting up a functional Riyadh civil service organization. Part of the transition has been aided by the Sons of Iraq, and members from the Riyadh community. The jobs for Iraq Citizens, local government positions that are required to maintain and move forward in a positive manner are now set up to be given out in a reasonable, competitive manner. The idea of a Civil Service organization is new to Iraq, and one of the first things that it will deal with is the Riyadh general construction project. The Civil Service corps will provide hiring, training and make sure that citizens that are wanting to work in the construction project will be able to compete with their peers for good quality construction projects. The other project that will be served by the new Civil Service Corps will be the Riyadh road construction project. It also will have valuable jobs that can be competed for by citizens of the region. Members of the Coalition, soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division, 1st Brigade, 87th Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion, and Company D have worked hard to provide leadership, support and assistance for setting up an active and functional Civil Service Riyadh organization. Riyadh Mayor Mohammad Ahmed Hussein gave credit to the coalition for their help. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! “With our own citizens, with our own hands we will rebuild our country, we are very glad and grateful for the United States and the Coalition Forces to have given their help, their friendship and assistance in helping make this possible,” stated Mayor Hussein.




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