Disabled Veterans Work Program Benefits

There are many veterans that come home from fighting the War on Terror, and they work hard to try to re enter civilian life. But sometimes, Servicemembers encounter disability, or they return home injured, wounded or otherwise disabled as a direct result of their Veterans service in the military. It is now possible to get a refund on some things that you may have paid taxes on in the past, such as compensated programs and work therapy type activities. In the past Veterans who were disabled under the VA rules and enrolled in a compensated work program or therapy for work program that you received compensation for were forced to pay taxes on these compensation funds. You are allowed to apply for and receive a refund for up to the last three years. You are not required to, but you can apply for these back benefits from the year 2004 forward. If you are a Veteran who participates in a program such as this, and you have or know someone who has paid taxes on this during the last three calendar years, due to a change in the law you can claim a refund. There was a new Tax related decision made by Congress and the IRS in 2007 in United States Tax Court. This was a total reversal of a ruling from back in 1965, when the IRS first started to tax the CWT benefits. Now, those veterans who receive Compensated Work therapy funds are able to do so without having any tax imposed on them. The Court held that certain compensated benefits such as Compensated Work Therapy were being given to aid and assists veterans for their service and should not be taxed. This means that from now on you will not pay any tax on these benefits and that you will receive the full benefit tax free. The taxes you paid in years before 2004 are not refundable. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! This is a benefit refund that you have to file for, you will not receive it unless you apply to the IRS. These are funds that give aid and help to veterans to provide job re training and job skills, and provide for special needs situations to support Veterans in getting back into the work force.




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I would like more information on how to access the Compensated Work Therapy Program. Thanks, Dennis

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I would like more information on how to access the Compensated Work Therapy Program. thanks

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Hi Kennth, for veteran job info go to http://usmilitary.wpengine.com/veteran-jobs/ . My best, Larry

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