US Naval Chemical Response Specialist

Many different members of the service deal with dangerous situations, but the US Navy maintains chemical weapons and enlisted Chemical Response Specialist. The Navy Chemical Weapons specialist is an expert on different Chemical, Nuclear and Biological weapons issues. The NBC Navy specialist deals with many different issues dealing with weapons of mass destruction. The US Navy Chemical Response specialist is the person that directly deals with advising the Commanding Officer on all radiological, warfare, chemical and NBC issues. On small vessels some senior Enlisted personnel may at times be serving in a Chemical Weapons billet. The United States Navy has a billet that deals with different types of hazardous and chemical threats. The US Navy Chemical specialists is also the person who deploys with Navy Chemical Units to support different combat operations using chemical, flame, smoke or other technological US Navy specialized weaponry. The Navy chemical specialist is the resident expert on different issues of Biological, Nuclear, and Chemical weapons, and on issues dealing with weapons of mass destruction. A Chemical Navy specialist candidate will attend the Chemical Basic Skills course. The US Navy Chemical specialist is the person that is directly responsible to advise the Commanding Officer on all NBC and radiological weapons and warfare issues, including the defense against such types of weapons. To Serve as a Navy Chemical Weapons specialist you will study and learn tactics, leadership skills, procedures and practices, as well as operational aspects of serving as a Navy Chemical Specialist. Some of the training will be in the classroom and will be very heavy on chemistry and science coursework, while other training will be held in the field and on the job. The Chemical specialist in the Navy is normally responsible for: Coordination of chemical soldiers. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. To serve in the United States Navy as a Chemical Warfare specialist you have to be detail oriented and should possess qualities that will complement your service in this duty billet. There are Navy specialists that assist in the Chemical Weapons department, and they work to make sure that different threats of a chemical, nuclear or biological nature are made safe, or eliminated. Serving as a Chemical Warfare specialist is a challenging job, and one that involves a fair element of risk, you will regularly face different NBC type threats. This is a job specialty that often results in specialty pay and hazard duty pay.




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