Army Microwave Communications Careers

The Army has one of the most in depth communications and Microwave specialist careers. There are increasing technological issues in the Army, and the position of communications and microwave specialist is a highly trained and specialized job. The Army maintains communications and the microwave communications is truly on the cutting edge. The Army microwave communications team is responsible for ensuring that all the different microwave and non-microwave communications equipment is in top operating order. As you continue in your Army Microwave communications specialist career you will accumulate different experience and training You will use wiring techniques and line installation methods, electrical, electronic and mechanical principles to examine and learn about microwave and electrical communication systems. This job specialty will give you potential apprenticeship credit for some specialties within this job classification, and lead you to a series of possible civilian jobs after your time in the military ends. Some of the duties that you may have as a maintainer and communications microwave system installer may include restoring monitoring and orienting microwave telecommunications trunk groups. Job training for Communications Microwave Army technician begins with Basic Combat Training for nine weeks, where you will learn Army soldering skills. Advanced Microwave installation and Communications specialists supervise other soldiers and train junior microwave and communications soldiers. Microwave system maintainers and installers are responsible for operating, maintaining and installing various state of the Art microwave communications equipment and systems. Some of the duties you may be required to perform as a Army Microwave Communications specialist include installing circuit, link and system equipment, and maintaining station logs, reports and records. Afterwards, you will attend Individual Advanced training for 26 weeks, where you will study in simulated combat training and in the classroom. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The equipment that the Army uses involving microwaves allows the Army to direct, track and follow ship, Aircraft and troop movements. You will learn skills in preventative procedures and maintenance, communication procedures and policies, and microwave communications procedures.




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