Army Transmission Multi Channel Careers

The US Army maintains their own system of multi Channel telecommunications, and they also have a job specialty called the multi Channel Army Operator. This is very important, and it is crucial to the success of the Army and the Army mission. The operations of a Army Multi Channel transmission network is communications that take place on different channels at the same time, utilizing different channels all at once. It is basically communications on more than one channel at a time, and the Army specialist that deals with Multi Channel communications are the people responsible for maintenance, operations, installation, and repair of this type of communications gear. If you are interested in transmission or radio communications gear, enjoy working with electronic principals and concepts. You will deal with troubleshooting and repair of different and various systems of communications for vehicles, aircraft and stationary Army base operations. You will perform maintenance services and checks on radio and communications equipment, operated diagnostic switches, and diagnostic specific gear. Personnel who have an aptitude for electronic concepts and electronics principals, then you would do well in this field. It will be your job to make all the different communications gear work together, and all of the different types and sorts of equipment work together smoothly, and function as needed. Advanced enlisted personnel working in Multi Channel Transmissions systems supervise operations and team members in operation, repair and installation of communications gear and multi channel equipment. In the job of Multi Channel Transmission specialist you will work on equipment that may be several years old, or new state of the Art communications gear. After the initial 9 weeks of basic training you will attend additional training for 18 weeks of Individual advanced training. Joining the Army and working toward becoming a multi channel Transmission communications gear specialist involves first attending Basic Combat Training. If you have experience dealing with electronics, or radio equipment, or if you have an aptitude or interest in electronics theory this may be the job for you. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! You will operate and install multi channel gear, both under supervision and in training. You will receive training with hands on equipment, using communications gear, transmitters and multi channel equipment. You will work on communications equipment that the Army uses both in mobile operations and in stationary land bases.




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