Military Educational CLEP Preparation

There is a system of education credit that is often under utilized in the US Military. It is the CLEP type testing education program. It is a often exciting program, exciting because that it gives a person the chance to take tests, and if you pass then you receive full college credit. Best of all, it is is paid for 100 percent by the US military. CLEP testing is offered to anyone in the United States that wish to take them, but only members of the US Military or Veterans are able to have the cost of their tests paid for completely. There is also a series of college credit that is available for military Servicemembers through the CLEP program. The CLEP testing program for the military is ran by DANTES, or the Defense Activity for non-traditional types of educational support. The CLEP testing program offers tests that challenge your knowledge, and if you pass them, then you are awarded college level credit. CLEP stands for College Level Exam program, and it is a means to earn college credit by examination. If you try to take a test and you happen to pass, then you are able to gain the credit. If not, you have not lost anything. No matter how it is paid for, as a member of the military you are eligible to take different CLEP tests that you feel you may be qualified for, and to earn a variety of college credit by successful completion and passing of these CLEP examines. And the best part, ALL costs for CLEP testing are free for Military Servicemembers. Who is eligible for the military supported CLEP testing? Navy, Air Force, United States Coast Guard, or the Marine Corps, are eligible to take the military supported CLEP tests. There are a great many CLEP tests that are possible to take, and they are taken in traditional pen and paper format. Most of the time people have to pay a fee to take a CLEP test, but as a member of the United States Military you are eligible to receive the test for free. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! It is one that has a lot of variety, there are a large number of titles that are available, and it cannot hurt to try. Some of these testing include College Algebra, Humanities, Freshman English, Introduction to Psychology, US History 1865 to Present Day, and many other traditional type of College courses.




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