Iraqi Prior Servicemembers Answer The Call

Many Former Iraqi Military Decide To Come Back Into Service One of the problems that the new Iraqi government is working to solve is the problem of unemployment. The Iraqi military has opened its doors to former Servicemembers that want to come back into the service. They are wanting to do two things at the same time, they want to enhance the professionalism of the Iraqi military by using Servicemembers that have experience, and to help give employment to members of the Iraq community. The prime minister of Iraq, Prime Minister Maliki has decided to give former Servicemembers the opportunity to join the military again. Hundreds of Servicemembers have already indicated that they would be interested. The government also said that they intend to offer military retirement for long standing Iraqi military Servicemembers. They have not used a retirement system, and this would be a new offering. Former Soldiers in Iraq will have 8 weeks to register if they want to come back into the Iraqi Army. Soldiers that do not want to rejoin are eligible for a stipend payment, a form of retirement based on the length of their service. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Servicemembers that have many years in the Iraqi Military will also be given incentive pay and offered retirement, with more funds available for those that have served longer.




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