Iraq Woman Given Mobility By Troops

30th Infantry Provides Wheelchair To Local Lady Forward Operating Base Kalsu, Iraq Coalition Forces recently stepped up to the plate and swung away, giving a wheelchair and mobility to a young Iraqi woman who suffers with a disease preventing her from walking. Troops from First Battalion, Thirtieth Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry from Georgia presented a wheelchair to fifteen-year-old Suha Hussein Yas.  Ms. Yas has a disease, which in effect is very similar to polio, and is unable to walk hardly at all. This condition has been in place for Hussein Yas since her birth. “This has been one of the best and coolest things we have been a part of yet,” said First Lieutenant Greg Highstrom, the Support Officer for Company B.  “We were wanting to help build a rapport and good relationship with local citizens, and our soldiers began to move out into the community” said Lt. Highstrom. When they encountered Ms. Hassein Yas, soldiers urged that the Battalion take on her situation and help.  Command eventually agreed and the Battalion was able to obtain a wheelchair for Yas. Working with the local citizens has yielded high dividends, and promises to continue to make life smoother for both citizens and coalition troops alike.  “The huge smile on this girl’s face was very awesome, it just affects you,” said Highstrom. Meeting with the community, the Troops and their leadership plan to continue to work within the community to help in different ways.  By helping is a support role; the soldiers are slowly winning the minds and hearts of the local citizens.




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