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One of the specialists that has been a big help in helping restore the nation of Iraq has been the US Army Railway Transportation specialist. With the different battle conditions, the Army Train and railway specialist has been instrumental in helping the nation of Iraq get their railway and transportation grid back in running condition. The Army has a Railway and Train maintenance division to whom it is charged to maintain and operate the Army Railway operation battalions. If you enjoy physical work and have an interest in railway operations, and like to work outdoors this may be a job for you. Supplies, ammunition, equipment and vital material is transported by way of rail every day and the Army helps to maintain and keep in running order sections and areas of track and train systems. Working as an Army Train Maintenance repair specialist you will have to be able to gauge tracks, check the degree of elevation for train tracks, and the amount of curvature of different railway sections that are undergoing repair or replacement. The function and responsibilities of a Train Maintenance and Railway Army repair specialist can involve repairing switches, signals and roadbeds, maintaining and operating railway and motor track cars, repairing and maintenance of areas of track, adjoining structures and rail facilities. Advanced enlisted Railways and Train maintenance specialists train and supervise junior personnel and may in time be responsible for supervision of maintenance and track repair crews, and be involved in running a railway maintenance shop. Many railway and train transportation companies in the United States are pleased to utilize trained Army Railway maintenance personnel after their separation from the Army. This is a job that often is used with the PaYS program; it is one that has a direct link to civilian railway employment after your service in the Army is complete. you will progress to individual advanced training school for five weeks, where you will have simulated exercises in the field and classroom training. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You will learn about track repair techniques, and how train and railway systems work. Railway repair personnel work to perform maintenance on roadbeds, railway tracks, fences, switches, and other types of railway facilities. It is a position that is not large but is vital in the overall railway transportation scheme for the Army and its mission.




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I am a Naval Reserve Officer with a degree in electrical engineering, a Third Mate’s License in the Merchant Marine, and seven years of railroad experience as a signal maintainer, manager, trainman, and conductor.

Earlier in my career, I resided in New Jersey near Naval Weapons Station Earle, and discovered that the ammunition trains were crewed by Army Transportation Corps Personnel.

I am looking to continue my military career, and believe that my usefulness to the U. S. government would better be served in a field more closely related to my civiliam occupation.

I am curious as to how I would go about joining a military railroad battalion. I can be reached at the above email, or by phone at 732-232-6312.

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