Iraqi Leaders Cooperate With Sons Of Iraq

New Iraqi Leaders Assist And Assume Command Of SOI Group The leadership of the different Sons Of Iraq groups has been in flux, with many of the groups being assisted by the Iraqi Government since the Coalition has been gradually withdrawing from the region. In different areas in Abna Al Iraq the checkpoints will be manned by Sons of Iraq that are now under the leadership of Iraqi Government individuals. Because the American military is handing over the provinces to Iraqi Leadership the need for leadership to liaison with the government has increased. Previously the interaction with the Sons of Iraq was a issue exclusively with the Coalition. This has been a success, but now the Sons of Iraq will be utilized by the Iraqi Security Forces. The Sons of Iraq in the Ghazilyah region are known as the Guardians of Ghazilyah, or simply the “GG,” and they have done a wonderful job of support and patrol keeping their community safe. Regions that are near the city are manned by various checkpoints and have a number of previous insurgent safe houses. These have all been identified because of the cooperation from the Sons of Iraq, and exposed, and the insurgents arrested. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The members of the Sons of Iraq are adjusting to the leadership change, slowly they are becoming known and recognized by the local Iraqi leadership.




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