US Marine Corps Enlisted Mountain Training

The US Marine Corps maintains a training facility in California to train military soldiers in how to fight and live in extreme conditions. It was started to help train personnel in conditions of extreme cold. During the Korean War, with the severe cold the Marines realized that they needed to have a training facility that would mimic some of the possible severe conditions can be found sometimes on the battlefield. The purpose and vision of the Mountain Warfare Marine Corps Training Center include to be the venue and prime location for the DoD cold weather training, to provide education and training in cold weather and extreme weather operations. The Marine Corps established the facility just after the start of the Korean War in 1951, to provide expert training and preparation for troops and personnel that were headed overseas to the Korean War. The training facility is part of the Marine Corps Ground/Marine Corps Air Task Command Force. They are supported and supplied at the Marine Corps Training Mountain Center Command by other Marine Corps units and installations in the West. The Marine Corps has a Mountain Training Facility in Toiyabe National Forest located in California. Temperatures can range from the 80s or 90s in the summertime to as cold as 10 degrees in the winter, with up to 10 feet of snow. Because it is located in a US National Forest, the United States Government has a agreement between the Marine Corps and the Forrest service to use the area to train both United States Personnel and allied friendly international personnel in Mountain fighting and cold weather operations. The Marine Corps training facility for the Mountain Warrior Program is located at Pickle Meadow on California Highway 108, and it is a world-class mountain and cold weather training facility. The training includes operations to conduct individual and Marine Corps unit training. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! They also train personnel for Allied Forces, Air Force, Joint sister services, and other friendly personnel for mountain, cold weather, and high altitude missions. Extremes of snow and cold can be encountered, and if troops have trained using extreme conditions then they can perform under the same conditions when they are encountered on the battlefield.




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I’ve watched couple of documentaries on Discovery channel about marines trainings, Green Berets and so on, I imitate many of their training motivations in my daily life to overcome obstacles and forge ahead in life against all odds, HOW I WISH ALL HUMANS WERE TO BE TRAINED AS MARINES AND GREEN BERETS, so everyone of us would live by the code: SEMPER FIDELIS.


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Agree! Totally! Sadly, many believe we’re digressing as a country. Sadly and if true, the ‘easy’ life is never worth living. Thank you for your positive us marines comments too!

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