Satellite Telemetry US Air Force Careers

The US Air Force has had a number of different missions over the years, but one that has been added recently is the protection of cyberspace. With the normal US Air Force missions that involve telecommunications and Satellite telemetry, the US Air Force has assumed the protection of the Internet and Cyberspace as one of its primary missions. The Air Force Satellite Telemetry specialist is a career where you are involved in various satellite and telecommunications areas in support of each of the different official US Air Force missions. You will work with telegraph and microwave gear, maintaining and operating complex radio and radiotelephone gear. Your mission will be to make sure that the network and network systems remain in operations during battle and other harsh conditions, using backup equipment at times and responding to breaks in the system and system failures. The field of military satellite telemetry is fairly new and one that is very exciting. The Air force maintains personnel in the Satellite telemetry field to assist in a variety of satellite related missions. You will deal with many different systems that the Air force has, and deal with material of both classified and unclassified nature. You will work with other Air Force personnel to configure and maintain equipment in communication networks. You will keep working existing networks and systems and work with other personnel and Air Force staff to ensure that the networks keep in contact and are functioning correctly. You will be trained in the most modern satellite and electronic gear known to man. Working with ground based terminals you will access data that comes from satellites, as well as participating in equipment using microwaves and troposphere scatter, radio relays and direct radio communications. Following your advanced training you will be assigned to an Air Force command and begin dealing with equipment and procedures for satellite reconnaissance. You will attend basic training for 9 weeks, and learn different procedures related to Air Force Training and enlisted procedures. After basic training you will attend advanced training school learning the latest in state of the art electronics, and satellite information gear. You will often work with other members of the United States Military to safeguard the security of the United States, with satellite and electronic equipment. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You will work with satellite equipment including wide band satellite dishes, receivers, parabolic dishes and learn how to establish and set up links and networks in tandem using geo stationary satellites in orbit around the Earth.




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I need contact info for the U.S air force I am interested in enlisting I live in Chicago Illinois

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