Telecommunications US Army Careers

There are a number of different sub specialties for those enterprising individuals that pursue a career in US Army Telecommunications. With the diversity of electronic communications, you could specialize in radio, teletype support, microwaves communications, radar, or several other telecommunications subspecialties. You will deal with various radio and telecommunications equipment both in the field and in training in the classroom. You will work with navigations and digital communications gear, and work with systems and electronic systems. You will study intensely at both simulated in the field training and classroom training. Almost all of the career training you receive as an Army Telecommunications career is eligible for college level credit. You can work with communications circuits, switchboards, telephones and other communications equipment. It is a challenging field and dynamic in that it has a large ever changing field of equipment including radar, complex electronic machinery, decoding and coding machines, and transceivers of every size shape and variety that you can think of. The Army will give you training that is state of the art in communications and classified field systems. You will interpret schematics, and work with diagrams, sketches, blueprints and other electronic equipment. It is a field that is challenging and features a number of different telecommunication type specialist jobs. Soldiers that work in the telecommunications field work with a wide variety of radio and electronic telecommunications equipment. You will attend basic training for Army enlisted personnel for 9 weeks, and then you will transfer to a technical school for further training. At different times Army soldiers can even be tasked to help transpire data and communications from the enemy or other sources. As a telecommunications technician in the Army you will be required to; deal with classified communications and data, to work as a computer repair person, or with computer network technical issues. The United States Army has a vast arsenal of equipment and vehicles, and it has a complex and ever expanding system of electronic communications. You will be instructed in radiological and electronics training for telecommunications work, and your training will work with both basic and advanced electrical theory. You will work in the classroom and in the field. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. You will function as a computer network repairer and repair computer technician. After working in the electronics repair and digital electronics field you will have training and skills that will be highly sought after in the civilian field.




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