Iraqi Citizens Tip Off Coalition Joint Raids

Huge Weapons Cache Found And Destroyed Due To Citizen Tip One of the positive results of the increased security in Iraq has been the response of the local citizens. The citizens previously were scared of the insurgency, and would not cooperate with the Iraqi Security forces, much less the coalition, and there used to be a lack of information. This lack of citizen assistance prevented the area from being a very safe place, and this is how it was a couple of years ago, even a year ago in some locations in Iraq. Fast forward to the present day, and so much has changed. For the most part, across the entire Iraqi nation the citizens are helpful, friendly and cooperative, and citizen tips now is a major source of information and assistance. Citizens regularly come forward with information, and this leads to captures of insurgents, and the ability to find weapons and other explosives. Recently, a citizen tip led to a huge weapons cache being discovered in the region of Mahdiryia. It is a location that has been known for insurgent activity in the past. The weapons cache included a number of IED and improvised types of explosives, along with a number of pressure plates that can be set up with explosives to hurt and injure joint forces soldiers on foot patrols. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The recent cache was found hidden just outside a farmhouse, and the citizen tip lead joint Iraqi soldiers and members of the coalition to the cache safely.




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