New Haditha Dam Pier Saves Water

Money Time And Water Saved By New Coalition Let Repairs One of the recent construction projects that has been successfully completed by the US Marine Corps was a pier on the Haditha Dam. It is a small pier that will help to provide access to the water and to combat the effects of the constant rise and fall of the water levels in the dam. The pier allows people to get water from a deeper location in the dam, and it gives about 6,000 gallons of water access that was not accessible before. “It saves us at least 6,000 gallons a day that we would have to replace our water pumps again and again without the pier,” said Staff Sergeant Damian Vaughn. Sergeant Vaughn is the FLE Officer in charge of Combat Logistical Battalion 2, 1st Marine Logistics Group. The pier is a 40 foot wooden dock with two separate water pumps that rest on top of it, and the pier itself is not a great deal to look at but is very functional. The pier was build in a little over two day by the US Marines, and it extends out into the dam about 40 or 50 feet. Get your Free career assessment here The water level on the Haditha Dam can change up to 10 feet in a single day, depending on conditions, so the ability of the dam to give access to deeper water is very valuable.




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