US Sends Supplies To Iraqi Children

Supplies Delivered By Iraqi Army Soldiers There are a lot of different organizations and groups in the United States that work to gather together school supplies, personal hygiene items, and other types of supplies to give to children in Iraq. It is a large undertaking but one that many groups have enjoyed assisting in, and the supplies are transported to Iraq by the US military, and given to Iraqi Security Forces to help hand out. The coalition has traditionally given most of these supplies out to Iraqi Schoolchildren, but recently they began to give much of these supplies to the Iraqi Army to distribute. A number of trucks worth of supplies was handed out recently by members of the Iraqi Army to school children in the Yarminjah area on September 27th. This effort in handing out supplies works to assist the Iraqi Army in getting closer to their own citizens, and it helps to build goodwill between the Iraqi Army and their own citizens. Coalition Soldiers stand by and watch, and they are overall pleased with the efforts to hand out supplies. At first, the Iraqi Army was ill at ease, not sure what to do, as in the past the relations between them and the local citizens have at times been rocky. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! But seeing the children and their smiling reactions to supplies has helped to break the ice. It gives the soldiers a positive activity, as well as benefiting the kids, and it’s a win win for everyone involved.




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