Long Line Of Soldiers Continues

Bradner Family Service Goes On Sometimes several members of a Family will serve in our Nations Forces, and Army Specialist Gerald Bradner is proud to continue his own family’s tradition. Spc. Bradner serves in the Army in Iraq, and continues a proud tradition began by his grandfather. “All the way from my grandfather down to me, we have all served when our country has been called to war,” said Bradner. Bradner is an analyst with U.S. Army Intelligence, 69th Armor, 3rd Infantry, and he enthusiastically joined the Army after graduation from High School in 2004.  His great uncles and his grandfather fought in World War II. His father also fought in the Vietnam conflict. “This might be the only battle or conflict we see in our lives,” said Bradner.  “To me sitting it out is not an option” After being involved in the service only a short time his superior officers recommended Bradner as a possible candidate for Officer Status. Bradner is a proud possible candidate for the West Point U.S. Army Military Academy.  He is slated to be a cadet in the class of 2012, and will begin training at West Point possibly in 2008.  It is a new exciting challenge that Bradner is enthusiastic about starting. “I am a little worried about going from Soldier to Student” admitted Bradner. Bradner will be the first person from his school and community where he grew up to attend West Point in forty years. “I am very excited about having a chance to represent my town and community at West Point,” said Bradner.




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