Final Village Of Hope Training Class

Coalition Supported Vocational Training Class Last In Facility The Village of hope has been a successful vocational training class, and it has succeeded in training four classes of students, with the last and final class graduating from the center located at Patrol base stone on September 25. The Village of hope was a cooperative civil service corps program that took members from the Sons of Iraq citizens group, and helped them learn trades that make a living with. Captain Michael Askegren is a member of the 557th Expeditionary Red Horse Squadron, and the officer in charge of the Village of Hope program. “Not every member of the Sons of Iraq has a future in the Iraqi Security Forces, and the Village of Hope gives them an option to make a living in an alternate way, to make a good living learning a trade in a legitimate endeavor,” said Captain Askegren. The first Village of Hope Class graduated the industrial program in May, and as time passed the program learned from one class to the next. “We had to build trust in the community and help them learn we were there to help, not to hurt,” said Captain Askegren. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The Village of Hope ran into problems at times, and they had to supervise the projects that the graduates were involved in. The sharpest individuals were gradually phased into a supervisors course where they learned to supervise and teach skills to other Iraqi’s.




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