OR Hospital Military Specialist Careers

When a US military Servicemember is wounded in combat, and they are rushed to a military hospital or care facility, they require professional swift medical attention. The first person that a Servicemember sees is often the US Navy operating room specialist. They give emergency care and support to patients that come into the Navy hospital and support patients until a trained surgeon or doctor is able to assist them. The Operating Room specialist is the person that prepares a patient for a variety of different procedures, as well as making the operating room or theater ready for surgery. The Navy Operating room specialist is a trained health care person who serves in a key role in the emergency services and hospital healthcare staff. They work and act as the ears and eyes for the doctor, administering care and helping patients until the doctor is able to see them. The Navy Operating room specialist may at times be the first person to examine emergency trauma and battlefield wounded, and assist in basic medical support care and triage. There are many details that have to be handled, and the Operating room specialist works to take care of these details and support the medical care staff. Some of the routine duties of a Navy Operating room specialist include; keeping the OR and operating theater clean, setting up equipment to take vital signs such as blood pressure and pulse. As patients come into the Navy hospital they can take medical histories of patience, and assist in different types of Operative and post operative procedures. This is a health care field that can lead to work in the civilian field of health care and health care support. If you have an ability to care for and help other people and are a good communicator this may be a excellent field in the Navy for you. The Soldiers and Airmen who are wounded on the battlefield come into care facilities and military hospitals. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The patient is often prepared for surgery or medical treatment in the operating room by the OR specialist, who gives assistance and support to the Navy Nurses and medical staff. They perform various different duties under direction by doctors and nurses who supervise their activity. The Operating room specialist is a valued member of the US Navy medical team.




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