New Police Station Opened In Arab Jabour

Coalition Aids New Transition Facility Recently there was another facility built for the Iraqi Police in the Arab Jabour region. It was the 2nd police station that has been built for the region, and it points to the continued symbolism of the security successes enjoyed by the joint Iraqi and Coalition forces. The police in Iraq know that their new police station features a design for a state of the art facility, and it stands on land that was donated by the Concerned Local citizens of Arab Jabour. Their jurisdiction will slightly overlap the other Police station in Arab Jabour, and it will help give the citizens a chance to interact with the police in additional ways. The police are working hard both in training and in new equipment that is being provided by the Coalition, to transition themselves into a formidable modern police force. The people themselves have been supportive, and it is by their support that the building even took place. The support and encouragement of the local Iraqi Government has helped overcome different hurdles that the coalition engineers encountered. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Now that the police station has been completed, it will soon be dedicated, and can accept some of the new trainees that are being turned out in the coalition training program. By the end of 2008, it is estimated that as many as 150 new police officers will be on hand to staff the new police facility.




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