GI Bill Accelerated Veterans Benefits

One of the lesser known benefits that is available for US military Veterans is the ability to receive accelerated Veterans Benefits. There are often situations that arise where a person may be able to access benefits on a accelerated basis. The lump sum payment is often available to help Servicemembers with programs that are high cost, or high tech, such as paying for school in the technical or scientific community. The fees and the tuition have to prove to be double or more than double the normal MGIB benefits that you would receive for that term. You can be enrolled in either degree or non degree high tech programs, both qualify. You should ask your school to include your application for accelerated payment to the Veterans Administration when it sends in the school enrollment information to the VA for processing. You have to give a written certification at the time of application that you are seeking employment in one of the qualified fields. The lump sum payment that the MGIB program pays in an accelerated fashion is up to 60 percent of the fees and tuition for high tech high cost programs. Accelerated payments in this program are paid instead of the normal Montgomery GI Bill payments that you would receive. You have to be registered in a program in one of the following categories: mathematics, computer specialties, science engineering or computer management, engineering, physical sciences, life sciences, or other sciences. The Veterans Administration will accelerate the payments for one semester, quarter or term at a time. In order to receive the funding you have to be willing to seek employment and intend to find employment in one of the following industries: opto-electronics, telecommunications and computers, life science technologies, biotechnology, electronics, nuclear technology, weapons, material design, computer aided manufacturing, or aerospace design. This program can help you pay for schooling that otherwise you would not be able to afford or qualify for financially. If the program you are taking does not offer the program in such a manner, there are times that the payments can be made for the entire program, it depends. This is normally for high tech and programs that are high cost for the Servicemember. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. If you are eligible for MGIB benefits, there are some situations where you can collect benefits on an accelerated basis. If you are looking into taking various high tech and high cost programs or classes, there is a program that may help you out.




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