Electronics Navy Enlisted Specialist

The US Navy has a wide array of different electronics and electrical gear, and they have different types of specialists that perform a variety of repair jobs. Working as an electronics specialist in the Navy gives you the opportunity to work with advanced state of the art electronics, computers and electronics systems. As an enlisted sailor in the Electronics specialist community you may be involved in performing corrective or preventative maintenance on state of the art equipment and electrical systems, providing technical support to units in the field Each of the pieces of equipment that the Navy uses from small vessels to large ships, aircraft and other types of vehicles and equipment uses advanced electronic and electrical systems. This is a military career specialty with a vast array of duties and potential jobs. Each of these pieces of machinery requires maintenance and periodic repair, and it is the enlisted electronics specialist that is responsible for troubleshooting and repairing systems and electronics sub systems when they malfunction or break down. Working in the Navy as a Electronics Repair Specialist you may be responsible to install, test and operate a wide range of electronics systems, including motors, communications radios and gear, generators, and lighting systems. You will work on and help repair some of the most advanced navigation, combat systems and communications equipment in existence anywhere, and best of all you will receive pay and training to allow you to perform and excel in this job specialty. You could be responsible for communications, decoding and encoding various types of communication between vessels, or responsible to use the latest test equipment to troubleshoot and repair Navy equipment or aircraft. As for all Navy enlisted specialties, your training begins with boot camp, for 9 weeks. After Basic training ou will attend training for anywhere from 11 weeks to as long as 24 weeks, depending on the specific area of Electronics gear operation and repair that you are selected for. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Electrical systems feature in almost every type of environment that the Navy operates in. From working on landing craft, surface ships, submarines, aircraft- both fixed wing and helicopters, you cannot name a vehicle that the Navy uses that does not utilize some type of electronics or electrical sub system.




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