Enlisted US Army Light Vehicle Repairer

One of the premier jobs in the enlisted US Army is working with their light and medium class vehicles. The position in the Army dealing with Light Vehicles deals with the overall maintenance and repair of Army Light Vehicles such as trucks, jeeps, cars and other Army vehicles. You will work at tuning and repairing diesel and gasoline powered engines, and work on transmission issues. You will work on both light wheel vehicles, and occasionally on heavy wheel vehicles as assigned. Skills and various training that you receive from the Army will give you an advance level of experience that will stand you in good stead in the civilian world. Skills and automotive procedures will allow you to perform duties as an Army light Vehicle repair specialist. You will serve as a member of the light wheel Army maintenance and repair team. You will learn how to advance repairs in the classroom and in the field. You will be shown and taught advanced skills in tune up procedures, engine and vehicle operations, and electrical and mechanical operations. You will work on fenders, radiators, and body panels, and associated engine tune up and repair. Some of the things you may be involved in can involve: establishing and following maintenance routines and schedules for vehicles in the Army motor pool, repairing and replacing damaged parts articles. You will work at various tasks including repair, maintenance, and other tasks involving light vehicle repairs. If you are good with tools, and enjoy working with mechanical things, and if you have experience with industrial arts or shop classes, then you may do well in this occupation. Training for a Light Vehicle mechanic you will attend Army basic combat training for 9 weeks. After attending basic training you will advance to 10 weeks of training in Army light wheel mechanical school. As you rise in enlisted level and rank you will move into supervisory status, and be able to train and equip other soldiers that are junior to yourself. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Many skills that you will be taught in the Army will assist you for credit in apprenticeship and automotive occupational programs. You will repair and replace broken and damaged body parts, and troubleshoot systems including brake systems, wheeled suspension systems, and hydraulic steering systems.




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